How to Open a Store in Hepsiburada?

In each area there are steps that need to be done before starting a business. When you progress by doing these steps, you have a better chance of saving time and achieving success. The same goes for e-commerce platforms. Hepsiburada, which has been a part of Doğan Holding since 2000 and serves as an online...

What is Double Taxation Application?

Double Taxation; is when a taxable income is subject to tax in more than one country, the same income is taxed both in the country where it is obtained and in the country where the person who obtains the income is a “Resident”. In other words; is when two or more states want to impose...

What is ITIN? How to Buy?

The Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), which is the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number in Turkish, is a nine-digit number that anyone who needs a tax number in the United States can apply for. This number always starts with the number 9. This number always starts with the number 9.