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Tax Consultancy

Tax legislation changes frequently in Turkey as well as all over the world. The wide variety of legislation and the regulations open to interpretation make the tax compliance process difficult. This often leads to unexpected tax risks and exposure to criminal sanctions. Sometimes, exemption and exemption advantages cannot be used; it leads to consequences such as missing incentive and discount opportunities. Our tax consultancy services are aimed at solving the problems of our customers in tax matters in order to ensure that they can make the right decisions at the right time. Minimizing the tax risks for your company and capturing the advantages is only possible with the right and timely guidance. We are at your side with our experienced staff for the professional solutions you will need.

Our Services within this scope are;

  • Consultancy on Corporate Tax, Income Tax and Tax Withholding,
  • Consultancy on taxes levied on transactions such as Value Added Tax, Special Consumption Tax, Stamp Duty,
  • Consultancy within the scope of international tax and double taxation prevention agreements,
  • Investment and tax planning,
  • Individual tax consultancy,
  • Special consultancy on end-of-period inventory transactions and closing procedures,
  • Giving opinions by conducting examinations and researches on specific issues,
  • Conducting tax analyses in terms of financing models,
  • Consultancy on merger acquisition, division, share sale, liquidation and change of type within the scope of company structuring,
  • Conducting the necessary tax analyzes in order to ensure tax optimization within the scope of both domestic and international structuring of the companies,
  • Consultancy on the establishment of companies, branches and liaison offices at home and abroad,
  • Consultancy on tax examinations,
  • Advice on tax disputes and tax litigation.

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ITIN Number

✓ It is a number that is mandatory for every company that pays taxes to the American government.
✓ The average duration of the purchase of the number is 5 months.


As Company Global, in addition to company formation, we carry out accounting activities in companies that have already been established. We offer you an end-to-end secure service by performing all tax declarations such as VAT, corporate tax, withholding in all countries in our service network.

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