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Company Global, which makes the best analyzes in Turkey for investors who want to open up to international markets and grow their businesses , provides services in many areas from tax optimization to online payment and collection.

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The opportunity to minimize the tax risks for your company and to capture the advantages is only possible with the right and timely guidance. We are at your side with our experienced staff for the professional solutions you will need.

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Hello I am Ergün, came across Company Global when I was looking for an institution that could support me in moving my venture abroad, carry out the processes quickly and trust. With the support of experts, my company establishment process was completed within a few days.
With my consultancy company, which I established in the digital world of England full of advantages, I have now taken my place on international platforms.

Medintense LTD. UK
We received service with a pleasure in all processes before and during the establishment of our Netherlands-based company, which we positioned as MM Global Group BV. In this direction, we have reached the answers to the questions we wonder about every subject in a short time. With its experienced management team and determined young team, we have experienced a service process that pleases and makes us happy. Those looking to open a company abroad or seek advice for global trade operations can rely on the Company Global team.

MM Global Group BV – Netherlands

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to go to the country where the company will be established during the establishing process?

    No, you don’t. Company Global manages the entire company formation process for you

    Where will my company address be?

    We offer you virtual office rental support in the country where you set up the company and we quickly deliver the cargo and documents that will come to this address.

    How do I open a bank account?

    We carry out your bank account opening transactions online in America, Dubai, England, Estonia and the Netherlands. In addition, we carry out your account opening transactions from local banks in Turkey or Dubai for your company to be established in Dubai.

    What are the required documents for company formation?

    Color passport scan, residence certificate and a sample of invoice issued in your name (electricity, water, telephone, etc.) are the necessary documents for company establishment.

    Will there be a card belonging to the opened company account?

    Yes, you will have a Visa card for the opened company account. With this card you can withdraw cash and make regular expenses.