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For Which Sectors Is Virtual Office More Suitable?

The pandemic and subsequent quarantine have changed the way we live, with social distancing becoming the new normal and increasing demand for virtual office spacesthat led to your death.

Virtual officesis a type of flexible office that provides businesses with a registered business address and professional services without having to pay for physical space. It helps employees work remotely while experiencing certain aspects of a traditional workspace. Office workers can work from home or from any remote location while maintaining communication with their teams via video conferencing, team applications, messaging services, teleconferencing, etc.

While the virtual office is actually suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, business owners who want to rent a virtual office are primarily concerned about whether they really need their team in the same place every day.


Why Are Businesses Moving from a Physical Office to a Virtual Office?

First, some businesses do not have enough capital to lease a physical space. Therefore, it offers its employees the opportunity to work from home, café or any other place by renting a virtual office instead of physical space. The only reason for the transition from the physical office to the virtual office is not only due to capital constraints . There are also some reasons that vary according to sectors. Sectors that do not require a team to be together and can carry out their work with remote work have quickly started to adopt the concept of virtual office because they do not need a physical office.

The virtual office also has many advantages over a physical office;

  • The fact that the virtual office and the team can carry out the works without failing together gives a professional and reliable business image.
  • It offers the possibility to work from anywhere.
  • Employees increase productivity because they can work in the area where they feel good.
  • It costs less than a physical office.
  • The number of employees can be multiplied because there is no restrictive factor in terms of space.


Which Sectors Is Virtual Office Suitable For?

Virtual office It is highly preferred by entrepreneurs and startups as it is a type of office that can be owned at a much lower cost than the cost of a physical office. In addition, the advertising sector is one of the sectors that are suitable for the virtual office. Because it may require working with clients from different parts of the world. Therefore, the remoteness of working conditions with a virtual office will allow people from different geographies to be employed and talented individuals to be selected. Virtual office will be the right choice because sectors that are constantly in talks with customers and potential investors will rarely use the physical office.

Industries that are experienced in their field and always want to show professionalism, who want to have a contact point ready to answer every call and answer questions that will come to the business, can also receive call answering services and live receptionist support along with virtual office memberships . As a result, although the reasons for choosing a sector-based virtual office vary, there are many advantages and therefore reasons for preference for all the following sectors.

  1. Startups and Entrepreneurs

  2. Media Industry

  3. Advertising Agencies

  4. Finance Sector

  5. Real estate

  6. Law Offices

  7. Commerce Service Providers

  8. Healthcare Sector

  9. Accounting Firms

  10. Website and Application Developers


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